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Mission Hills Streetscape

Mission Hills, California

Mission HIlls is a residential community located in the San Fernando Valley in the City of Los Angeles.  In an effort to revitalize the neighborhood and connect to the community's artistic roots, the Median Concept project was a collaboration with neighborhood representatives, City Council, a local developer, and designers.

With a strong focus on art and sustainability, the design intent would empower and strengthen communities by building closer relationships with developers and City officials and to enable a sense of belonging, and increasing the collective identity of the neighborhood.  


The Mission Hills planting  embraced the idea of becoming and environmental canvas to encourage the expression of ideas through art and landscape.  Sculptural mounds, rain gardens, and elevated ceramic tile art walls are all integrated design elements within the median.  With the intent on encouraging community participation, the anticipated result would be lowering crime rates, greater tolerance and cultural diversity while increasing the patronization of local businesses. 

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